Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Green

I am loving a Spring Green theme for weddings right now!

This picture from the new Martha Stewart Weddings started me thinking...

All bridesmaids will appreciate choosing a dress style that is most flattering to them and they will be more likely to wear it again - with memories of your important day attached to this garment!

If green is your favorite color, why stop with only choosing green as a color?

Make your wedding 'green all over' by using sustainable and natural product throughout. Serve an organic buffet featuring the fantastically fresh produce of the season such as...

Artichokes and Asparagus

Offer your guests a green gift as their favor. Everyone can use a sprightly fresh basil plant for their windowsill or garden.

When it is time to leave, offer guests lavender buds for your wedding toss. They have an amazing scent and are bio-degradable, of course!

Thank you for the pictures and sources: Martha Stewart Weddings,,

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  1. I LOVE this shade of green for a wedding!!! It is so fresh and green is the best color-that's-also-neutral.

    I love the idea of giving a fresh plant too.